The Value of Automated Customer Service

An interview with imBee’s customer, Cheerful Kids

The Challenges Faced

There are many circumstances that require employees and managers alike to work outside the comfort of their offices. With the additional onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has led many companies to establish flexible remote work policies but limits to instant messaging channels’ functionality such as, WhatsApp‘s left senior employees unable to log in to WhatsApp and check messages without interrupting customer service employees.

In the past, Joseph Lau, Director of Cheerful Kids experienced the same issue and was unable to log in to WhatsApp to provide customer service support or check in on company operations. Once he started using imBee, Joseph was able to log in to the imBee platform from anywhere and get up to speed on company affairs, check on customer service progress, and learn about parents’ requirements for classes. Both he and his coworkers could log in and use the platform at the same time, enabling him to monitor company operations up close and lend an extra hand in responding to customer enquiries when things got busy.

imBee’s Solution

To address the sheer volume of repeated inquiries, Cheerful Kids’ customer service staff set up several Quick Reply response templates with imBee. Whenever they received a frequently asked question, they could select the best quick reply message with one click, saving time in typing out the same response over and over. They could also easily make small edits to certain quick reply texts which would be instantly viewable to everyone using the platform.

Flexibly Deal with Emergencies

imBee’s Automated Reply and Message Scheduling allowed Cheerful Kids to compose messages beforehand, allowing ample preparation times for class scheduling when there were bad weather conditions or other unprecedented emergencies.

As Cheerful Kids already had an Automatic Reply template in use, they instantly receive a notification if parents make inquiries about class scheduling or postponement of classes due to inclemency.

If the weather report states that a serious tropical storm is expected the following day, the center sets a Scheduled Message for 7 AM the following morning detailing the start time of the earliest class, and informing recipients of the class schedule. Once employees head to work they will send parents further class schedule updates based on the weather forecast.

“Since we started using imBee, our team’s time management and customer service has vastly improved and now we can’t imagine working without it!” – Joseph Lau, Director

Build Better Relationships with Customers

Cheerful Kids wanted to better manage customer relations and provide children with follow-up learning throughout each stage of the students’ growth.

The Customer Channeling function enabled customer service staff to direct parents to the proper channels based on the urgency of their inquiries, allowing staff to quickly respond to top priority requests and to use reply templates for noncritical inquiries. This ensures that urgent customer inquiries are handled with zero frustration from the customer’s part and helps to build better relationships.

Additionally, Cheerful Kids uses the Automatic Tagging tool to categorize customer conversations for staff to follow-up at a later time, or to select customer categories and input customer information into the company’s database. This detailed categorization of customers allows the company to send specific messages to target customer groups and more effectively manage customer relations.


Cheerful Kids was looking for ways to streamline their work process, address emergencies with greater flexibility, and build stronger relationships with customers. With imBee they were able to improve their remote work and management abilities and could effectively allocate human resources to meet higher marketing goals.

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