A One-Stop Solution for your Customer Service Operations

Today, customers can choose from all forms of instant messaging and social media platforms. Many companies are looking for accessibility within these channels for their entire customer services department but to also deliver consistent and integrated service quality.

imBee provides a one-stop solution for your customer service operations through instant messaging such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS.

What your Customer Services Team Can Expect with imBee

Boost Revenue Generation

With better customer experience, your CS team can increase the lifetime value of existing customers through retention hence generating more revenue.

Get to Know Your Customers

View detailed customer profiles generated in each conversation for a well-organized customer service. 

Improve Response Times

Generate customer satisfaction with immediate real-time support from all platforms, including the mobile or desktop applications.

Team Collaboration

Remove the hassle of switching between different communication platforms for internal discussions and evolve into the ideal synergistic team.
How We Do It

One-Team Inbox

Centralize most popularly used instant messaging channels and keep your customer-facing teams in the loop under a one-team engagement platform.

Intuitive Auto Routing & Tagging Capabilities

Save time and resources by incorporating auto-routing options and tagging tools for incoming conversations to the right customer representative.

CRM Integration

Integrate your customers’ CRM data opens the door to up-selling and cross-selling products and services, which ultimately helps to convert customer satisfaction into customer retention and elevated product development.

Ticketing Report Filters  

Assign tickets to specific CS team members with a ticketing system. Make repetitive tasks more manageable and construct a systematically organized team.

Internal Team Chat

Bridge various internal departments to follow up on customer inquiries and provide a holistic customer service.

Dashboard Analytics

Maximize and stay on top of your customer service team’s most critical tasks by referencing the latest customer support metrics.












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