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Secure and Efficient Communication in Financial Services

A cutting-edge messaging platform tailored to address the unique communication challenges faced by financial institutions. Explore how imBee can redefine your financial services communication and collaboration, empowering you to deliver exceptional client experiences and achieve operational excellence.
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Elevate the Communication in Financial Services

ISO 27001 Certification

imBee’s robust platform is ISO 27001 certified and is accompanied by regularly scheduled security assessments and penetration tests to ensure sensitive information is kept confidential.

Routing to Back-Up Agents

If an agent is unavailable, a back-up agent is ready to serve the customer without delay. There is no need for delays to compromise customer relationships.

Productivity Dashboard

The dashboard is the essential tool for managing productivity. Use it to view messages and data usage within the team.

Seamless CRM Integration

Integrate a two-way CRM sync up with Hubspot, Salesforce or Google to store customer information and preferences.

Customizable Templates

Create a customized broadcast with a WhatsApp approvedtemplate. The template can be edited for your next announcement and sent tomultiple clients at once.

Internal Team Chat

Bridge various internal departments to follow up on customer inquiries for smoother business communication efficiency.

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