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【創業軍師】imBee 運用人工智能幫助企業發展

imBee 創辦人 Ken 以及 Leo分享,他們的靈感來源於上一個洗衣店收送服務的創業項目,他們本身擁有IT背景,自行研發平台,供有需要的企業免費使用。
October 2, 2023

imBee Reinvents Data-driven Productivity With AiskBee, Hong Kong’s First ChatGPT-Powered Enterprise Knowledge Base Solution

Enhances customer experience with faster and more accurate replies while empowering all staff across different industries to carry out advanced analytics
March 29, 2023

imBee推出香港首個以ChatGPT驅動的企業知識庫方案AiskBee 實現以數據提升生產力

March 29, 2023

Hong Kong's Hottest Startups of 2023

DCM, one of imBee’s partners, said it foresees the startup “taking centre stage for business and customer chat management within the tech world in the coming years."
March 9, 2023

【iM人物專訪】客戶服務數碼化 本地初創推整合實時通訊平台

imBee共同創辦人Ken Chu及Leo Wong接受「香港經濟日報」專訪,分享創業過程及精神,並就香港目前的創業環境,向年輕的創業家提供實戰建議。
December 21, 2022

Digitization of Customer Service: Local Start-up Launched an Integrated Real-time IM |Platform

imBee’s Founder and Co-founder, Ken Chu and Leo Wong, share their entrepreneurial spirit with HKET and advise young startup novices on what to look out for in Hong Kong’s current startup climate.
December 21, 2022

How Managing Multiple Messaging Channels Helps Increase Revenue

The monetary benefits to be reaped with properly utilized and managed instant messengers are shared by imBee's CEO & Founder, Ken Chu, in a virtual interview with Hong Kong Business.
November 30, 2022

imBee即時通訊管理平台 打通企業內外溝通

企業員工需要同時處理不同渠道的查詢,確實有點費時失事,本地初創公司imBee看準企業的痛點,研發出即時通訊管理平台,可讓不同員工登入,在介面上處理所有社交媒體的查詢。 文章版權為新傳媒集團所擁有,原文請按:
November 20, 2022


October 21, 2022


October 21, 2022

China Digest: imBee Raises $5M

Hong Kong-based chat management platform imBee has raised $5 million in a Series A round led by DCM Ventures.
October 19, 2022

imBee Raises US$5 Million in Series A Funding Led by DCM Ventures

imBee, a leading Hong Kong-headquartered chat management platform, announced that it has raised US$5 million in Series A funding led by DCM, a global venture capital firm, to advance its platform offerings, go deeper into existing markets and expand its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.
October 18, 2022

Chat Management Platform imBee Lets Companies Engage Customers in Real-time, Raises $5M

imBee, a Hong Kong-headquartered chat management platform, has raised $5 million in Series A funding. The investment round was led by DCM Ventures, a global venture capital firm.
October 18, 2022


即時通訊管理平台imBee宣布,完成500萬美元(3900萬港元)的A輪融資。本輪融資由全球風險投資公司DCM Ventures(DCM)領投,資金將用作提升平台科技服務水平、深入滲透現有市場並開拓亞太區業務版圖。
October 17, 2022

imBee獲DCM Ventures領投500萬美元A輪融資

Bee今天宣布完成500萬美元(逾3,900萬港元) 的A輪融資。本輪融資由全球風險投資公司 DCM Ventures (DCM) 領投,資金將用作提升平台科技服務水平、深入滲透現有市場並開拓亞太區業務版圖。
October 17, 2022

Hong Kong’s Chat Management Platform imBee Raises US$5 Million Series A

imBee, a Hong Kong-headquartered chat management platform, announced that it has raised US$5 million in Series A funding led by global venture capital firm DCM.
October 17, 2022

HK-based Chat Management Firm Bags $5m Series A Funding

ImBee, a Hong Kong-based chat management startup, has raised US$5 million in a series A funding round led by DCM Ventures.
October 17, 2022

Converting Your CS Operations Into a Revenue Center Through Conversational Engagement

imBee is a SaaS for collaborative inbox and customer conversational engagement. It centralises instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram Direct, Line, and Facebook Messenger into one team inbox. imBee connects customers with your internal teams on instant messaging channels. We offer team collaborative tools including assigning agents and teams, ticketing and an internal team chat.
September 7, 2022

Hysan Development Joins Hands with HKSTP to Unveil the Future of Business with Launch of the Community Lab

A unique B2B incubation platform to nurture innovative start-ups and smart city ideas
May 6, 2022

imBee為企業解決管理IM挑戰 「創業快綫」提供機會連繫潛在客戶

現時 WhatsApp、WeChat、LINE 及 Facebook Messenger 等即時通訊軟件(Instant messaging)已成為現代人生活上不可或缺的一部分,除一般個人客戶會用作溝通工具外,不少商戶及企業更利用 IM 跟客戶進行聯繫,以加強線上線下的銷售、推廣及客戶服務等。但當客戶達到一定數量時,就要花上大量人力物力處理相關查詢,對資源較短缺的中小企來說是一個大挑戰。而 imBee 聯合創辦人之一王路陽(Leo),就以自身使用體驗及經歷,了解到中小企經常遇到的問題,得到啟發並創辦了 imBee 即時通訊管理平台,為自己及企業解決管理 IM 的難題。此項目更獲香港貿易發展局「創業快綫」選為勝出隊伍之一,及獲得「尚乘蛛網生態初創大獎」,成為雙料得獎者。
January 14, 2022

Hive of Apps for That

A Hong Kong start-up integrates instant messaging software to score a Start-up Express win and looks abroad for expansion.
December 29, 2020