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Eradicating Top Logistics Challenges

Managing complex systems, low customer satisfaction and creating scalability are some of the key logistics issues. We understand the complexity of consolidating customer enquiries into an exclusive location and the dire need for a logistical customer services tool, which is why the imBee platform is here to offer their expertise.
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Elevate Your Communication

ChatBots & Quick Reply

Customer enquiries regarding their packages will be met with an automatic chatbot that sends a quick reply with the location and status of the parcel.

Live Chat SDK from the App

The Live Chat SDK offers all-encompassing in-app support by helping your customers receive real-time chats and messages for the most updated delivery locations or ETAs.

One WhatsApp Account

All agents will contact their clients from a single WhatsApp account to avoid confusion and represent the firm as a united front.

ISO 27001 Certified

Protect your company’s assets with an internationally recognized framework, ISO 27001.

Seamless CRM Integration

Integrate a two-way CRM sync up with Hubspot, Salesforce orGoogle via Zapier to store customer information and preferences.

Productivity Dashboard

The dashboard is the essential tool for managing productivity. Use it to view messages and data usage within the team.

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