A Must-Have for Marketing Success

Omnichannel marketing is critical to reaching target audiences and growing businesses. Determine the best channel that resonates with corresponding segments or messages and break down silos by centralizing all popular instant messaging channels and social media into one collaborative workspace.

What your Marketing Team Can Expect With imBee

Direct the Flow of Incoming Customers 

New or existing customers can be led into private messaging channels from external Facebook or Instagram ads, even QR codes.

Personalized Promotional Messages

Send custom-made broadcasts to a few select customers or a large targeted demographic.

Bring Up Lead Engagement

Immediately spark up a conversation with your leads as soon as they sign up.

Organized & Prioritized Profiles

Prioritize urgent orders and frequent VIP customers to stay focused on improving metrics that boost repeat business.

Tangible Productivity Analytics

Track your marketing campaign performance and use the results to make informed decisions to improve conversion rates.
How We Do It

Ad-Generated Conversions

Transform ads placed on Facebook and Instagram into real-time conversions. Users can complete their journey from viewing the ad to talking with a sales or CS representative all within the connection of their mobile phone.

Coupon-Created Subscriptions 

Increase conversions by sharing coupons within online conversations or offline mediums. Coupons can be easily generated through imBee QR codes.

Automated Mass Broadcasts

Let your customers know when a promotion or event is about to take place. Set a different broadcast template for a multitude of occasions.

Custom Profile View 

Users can set custom criteria when viewing a customer’s profile. Choose to filter or rearrange profiles to build a more personalized marketing approach and shorten response times. 

Intuitive CRM Integration 

By merging your CRM, customer data can be organized and seamlessly integrated with third-party systems for companies to glean insights from it and to act on them. It is only from data-based decisions and actions that drive a company forward.

Internal Team Chat

Bridge various internal departments to follow up on customer inquiries for smoother business communication efficiency.












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