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Leverage  Instant Messaging
into Sales Strategy

A collaborative One Team Inbox that consolidates a vast majority of your Instant Messaging channels with tools that optimize communication efficiency and improve customer relationships through effective conversational engagement.
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A Smooth Sailing Journey

Transfer scattered leads on personal phones to a shared platform that consolidates all your contacts in one database. Build comprehensive contact profiles and have a holistic view of your leads for more effective sales efforts.
Avoid solicitation after an employee has departed from the company
Complete sales process from start to finish including signing contracts, invoicing or online payment on imBee platform
Get a comprehensive understanding of your sales performance and take your sales strategy to the next level












Revolutionize Your Sales Process

Mass Broadcast Campaigns

Initiate broadcast campaigns and let your customers know what upcoming events and promotions are coming their way. Engage your customers and bring in substantial sales leads.

One-Team Inbox

Centralize most popularly used instant messaging channels and keep your customer-facing teams in the loop under a one-team engagement platform.

Singular WhatsApp Account

All agents message customers from one account to avoid miscommunication and prevent future sales leakage.

Auto Routing

Make sure that the leads are diverted to the right salesperson for maximum sales impact.

Easy Access from Mobile to Desktop

Reach out to customers or fellow teammates anywhere, anytime with imBee’s mobile app or desktop application.

Personal QR Codes

Allows for an easy and direct, one-on-one conversation with an assigned agent. Customers can be confident in the transaction and prevent fraudulent encounters.

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Supercharge your team's productivity by over 30% and take your business to new heights of success.

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1. Assess

Materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, industry benchmarks

2. Define

Confirm Recommended Reporting Framework, customize scope

3. Report

Request and input ESG data, collect supporting documentation, collaborate & Project Management

4. Validate

Review and approve data, access blockchain audit trail

5. Generate

Design, tailor & customize report, export & share publication  

imBee's productivity analytics tools provide businesses insight to better allocate their resources and eliminate bottlenecks.

Customer Service

A One-Stop Solution for your Customer Service Operations. imBee brings together the most common instant messengers and integrate with CRM systems. Make repetitive tasks more manageable and construct a systematically organized team.

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Empower your marketing team with efficient campaign management across instant messaging channels, personalized messaging, real-time monitoring and analytics, seamless collaboration, and enhanced customer engagement. Leading to more efficient campaign management and faster response times.

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