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Increased Work Efficiency by 30 percent, multiple staff can assist with customer service|imBee’s customer interview with Optical Online HK

The Challenges With Digital Transformation

In the beginning, Optical Online HK focused solely on retail sales, but several years ago Director, Crystal Chan began the process of digital transformation by opening an online shop that created an easy way for customers to purchase their favorite lenses online. This greatly increased the company’s workload, and it struggled to respond to the large volume of customer inquiries. They needed to find an effective solution.

“Through a recommendation from a friend, imBee ended up being the perfect fit for our needs. imBee’s dedicated customer service staff responds immediately to any questions we have about the software and helps us to resolve complications as quickly as possible.” – Crystal Chan, Director

imBee’s Solution

imBee helped Optical Online HK to overcome various operational challenges that come when shifting to e-commerce. Companies will start to lose customers the moment that operations and customer service start to fall behind sales. This is where imBee stepped in. The software quickly responds to customer inquiries and retains a higher percentage of potential customers.

“Replying promptly to customers builds trust and confidence.” – Crystal Chan, Director

Crystal notes that the onset of the pandemic created a demand for glasses purchases which could be completed entirely online, from the comfort of the client’s own home. This led to an explosion of inquiries from customers. The customized glasses fitting services that Optical Online HK provides requires the company to communicate closely with customers so they can provide a custom-fit pair of glasses.

Responding to customers’ questions about maintenance, glasses fittings, or after sales services like nosepiece replacement, etc, can help Optical Online HK convey a sense of professionalism and warmth to customers. That is precisely why customer service is such an important part of Optical Online HK’s sales process.

Using imBee allows employees to respond to customer inquiries while they are away from office, and allows multiple employees to log into WhatsApp at the same time and reply to customers. Optical Online HK employees can work together in handling customer inquiries, complaints, and follow-ups, immediately replying to customers and shortening the time spent on customer service, encouraging customers to make purchases.


Optical Online HK uses imBee to enable multiple employees to log in to the company system and immediately respond to customer queries from multiple instant messaging apps, helping them to overcome customer service challenges. In the future, they would like to make use of more imBee message management functions like Scheduled Messages, Chatbot, and electronic billing and invoices to further streamline the company’s sales process and better manage long-term customer relationships. By streamlining the customer service process, Optical Online HK is able to increase customer loyalty in their brand, achieving higher sales volumes.

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