One Team Inbox

A collaborative One Team Inbox that consolidates a vast majority of your Instant Messaging channels with tools that optimize communication efficiency and improve customer relationships through effective conversational engagement.

imBee collaborative One Team Inbox that consolidates all your preferred Instant Messaging channels, such as WhatsApp Business API into one accessible location.

Streamline your Digital Workspace


 All in one place

 All in one place

Keep all your Instant Messaging Channels on One Platform

Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Line Business, WeChat Official, SMS, Live Chat, WhatsApp (Personal), WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Business API, VoIP, and Video Meeting is supported by the imBee platform.

imBee provides multi-channel integration including 6 most used Instant Messengers and 360+ popular applications to unlock your business’s full potential.

Collaborative Inbox

Collaborative Inbox

Bridging External Customers and Internal Departments 

The collaborative inbox consolidates all IM messages into one single inbox and features an Internal Team Chat which can tie in several backend teams to keep them updated on internal departments’ or external customer affairs. No more back-and-forth conversations, delays or miscommunication between customers and internal team.

imBee's One Team Inbox can help bridge external customers and internal departments to prevent delays or miscommunication.

Track and assign

Track and assign

Systematically Track and Assign Customer Cases

Each inbound customer conversation is assigned to an agent with a specific Ticket Assigning System. Managers can keep track and direct customer traffic with the ticket overview section. If the respective agent is unavailable, a backup user is ready to serve the customer without delay. Agents can also sort incoming messaging by a ‘Waiting Time’ status to ensure no inquiries are left unattended and can be answered as soon as possible.

imBee allows managers can keep track and direct customer traffic with the ticket overview section.

Loyalty and Rapport

Loyalty and Rapport

Build Rapport and Develop Customer Loyalty

Set custom criteria in chats for a personalized view of customer profiles to send out scheduled messages that have been tailored towards the customer’s preferences, birthdays or even memberships. 

imBee's native Customer Profiles feature help set custom criteria in chats.
imBee's One Team Inbox allows user to use keyword detectors to search for specific messages. User can also make use of chatbots to reply instantly or route to human agent to follow up.

Optimize Your Time Usage

Make use of keyword detectors to search for specific messages within a conversation for better time efficiency, agents can also use chatbots to instantly reply to frequently asked questions. Agents can utilize tags to search and locate specific messages in the chat without wasting time to scroll through entire conversations. 

Integrating Automation in the Customer-Centric Journey

Create a customer journey that saves time for both parties. Chat dialogues are fused with human agents and their chatbot counterparts to reply but also assimilate feedback from external customers and optimize the customer service experience as a whole.

imBee's One Team Inbox can help businesses create a customer journey with automate chatbots and human agents to maximize business efficiency.

Stay In the Loop

Microsoft Teams offers a universal workspace chat and video conferencing to experience enriched communication, real-time file sharing and application integration for instantaneous collaboration. Stay connected anywhere, anytime.

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Confirm Recommended Reporting Framework, customize scope

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Request and input ESG data, collect supporting documentation, collaborate & Project Management

4. Validate

Review and approve data, access blockchain audit trail

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Design, tailor & customize report, export & share publication  

imBee allows businesses to run marketing campaigns through instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram and Line.

Marketing Campaigns

From a marketer’s perspective, producing personalized campaign content with a clear goal especially on a scheduled basis is one of the biggest challenges they can face. With a myriad of channels to choose from, it’s important to consider which is the best to reach your target prospects and audience. Studies have shown that by choosing to use instant messengers, businesses can boost open rates by 2.3 times and bring up engagement by 25%.

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We understand there are unique and distinctive requirements within each and every enterprise, which is why we have integrated diverse integrations for workflow optimization, automation and payment considerations across industries. We have integrated customizable tools to give you flexibility to ensure both your needs and requirements are met.

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Data Governance & Compliance

We understand the importance of managing the accessibility, integrity and security of data in any enterprise system. It is a collection of policies, standards and metrics that helps any enterprise to mitigate risks, reduce costs, safeguard data and maximize values.

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Productivity Analytics

The productivity analytics tools help you understand the patterns and workload of your teams. It gives you the insight to better allocate your resources, but most importantly, eliminate productivity bottlenecks.

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