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About imBee

imBee provides a Software As a Service (SaaS) platform that enables customer engagement on Instant Messengers. Leads generation, sales boost and customer service excellence are made possible in one incredibly efficient product.

Our clients range from large corporations like insurance companies, telecom companies and finance institutions, to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in different fields. E.g. Medical, E-commerce, Education, Logistic, Retail etc.

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Our Mission

Build the best customer relationship and increase sales on Instant Messaging Apps

We understand the pain in the neck for most service industries – customer relationship management. Instant Messaging Apps are very popular in Asian countries – WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger and many more.

It is often troublesome to management all these channels when more and more customers have their own enquiries. We therefore establish imBee, a one-and-for-all platform that manage all Instant Messaging channel with multi-functions.

We help our clients build the best customer relationship through our platform and thus increasing their sales. 

imBee’s mission is to incorporate all the merits of bees – organised, efficient, team-oriented and many more into our product innovation and development. Ultimately creating a community where every one of our clients can enjoy the ease of customer management.

Our Happy Customers

Customers across industries and sizes love using imBee

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Effective! We have significantly reduced our response time by more than 20%, and with its invoicing features, we can receive payment directly through chats. Unbelievable.


imBee team has the best customer service i’ve ever seen in 15 years.

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imBee increases our work efficiency by nearly 30%! It speeds ​​up customer service response and helps us resolves customer issues much more quickly.

Chun To Fruit

imBee is super user-friendly and with high flexibility! The value is way higher than the cost.

Cheerful Kids Phonics and English Education Center


imBee increases our work efficiency by 30%! A timely response helps boost the confidence and trust of our customers.

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Meet our team

Ken Chu

Cofounder and CEO

Leo Wong

Cofounder and COO

Ben Chan

Head of Tech

Joseph Cheung

Project Manager

Gloria Chow

Growth Manger

Debby Wong

Frontend Engineer

Suki Pang

Lead UI/UX Designer

Edmond Yiu

Senior Backend Engineer

Edmund Yip

Backend Engineer

Jamal Tse

Customer Success Specialist

Heiman Kwok

Account Manager

Orion Lam

App Engineer

Leo Zhang

Technical Lead (Taiwan)

Ling Ling

Chief Happiness Officer

Cheryl Chen

Digital Marketing Specialist
steven chan

Steven Chan

Account Manager

Guo Cian Yu

UI/UX Designer

Danny Liang

Frontend Engineer
Carol Chan Account Manager

Carol Chan

Account Manager
steven chan

Steven Chan

Account Manager

Our achievement

We are one of the the winners in Start-up Express, an entrepreneurship development programme organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).

We also won the AMTD SpiderNet Start-up Award as the only winner, hailed as the best start-up ideas.

Wish to join the team?

Who we are

We put innovation and practicality at the first place in developing our products. It has to solve real problems in a different ways. If you are also interested in the technology start-ups experience. imBee is the crucial stepping stone for you to realise your talents and ideas. Our work culture is flexible yet with long and steady vision. Don’t hesitate, join us by first knowing more!