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A Spotlight of Some of Our Product Features
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One Team Inbox

A collaborative One Team Inbox that consolidates all your preferred Instant Messaging channels, such as WhatsApp Business API into one accessible location.

Link internal departments to your external customers with the Internal Team Chat

Optimize the Customer Journey with automation

Systemically track and assign cases with tickets

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Productivity Analytics

The comprehensive Dashboard helps evaluate success and track productivity, allowing for more informed decisions when it comes to company resources allocation and much more.

Pinpoint productivity deficits in your operations

Create customized reports according to metrics or agent performances

Cut down on delayed replies with the help of chatbots

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data governance and compliance

Data Governance & Compliance

Ensured with the highest degree of security and compliance, imBee protects customer data with regular backups and penetration tests.

The imBee platform is secured with ISO 27001

Preserve data with automated backups and customized data retention periods

Mask sensitive data with strict access controls

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Compare Your Current Tools to imBee’s Powerful Omnichannel Platform

imBee | Collaborate - Conversate - Accelerate

A multi-channel messaging platform

Designed for conversations between teams and customers alike

No character limit

Uses native workflow engine to automate replies and assign conversations

Advanced analytics for teams to understand customer data and improve customer experience

Email has its limitation.SMS has minimal to nonexistent level of analytics.

Limited to one channel 

Built for one-to-one communications

SMS texts have character limits per text message

All tasks are completed manually

Minimal to nonexistent level of analytics

imBee | Collaborate - Conversate - Accelerate

Connect with anyone, anywhere as long as there is an available Internet connection

Agents are able to select and filter customers for mass messaging

Allows the sharing of documents and other forms of media

imBee allows for mass broadcasts and campaigns for multiple customers at once


International calls are based on your carrier plan and may incur extra charges

Loss of Customer Data; each phone call represents an individual messaging session that ends after disconnecting the call

Customers are individually called by agents, creating plenty of manual workload

Calls cannot share videos, pictures or documents

Phone calls do not support campaigns or broadcasts and most likely will be treated as spam calls













“Through a recommendation from a friend, imBee ended up being the perfect fit for our needs. imBee’s dedicated customer service staff responds immediately to any questions we have about the software and helps us to resolve complications as quickly as possible.”

Crystal Chan, Director of Optical Online HK

“Since we started using imBee, our team’s time management and customer service has vastly improved and now we can’t imagine working without it!”

Joseph Lau, Director of Cheerful Kids

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