WhatsApp Statistics 2022 | Latest Usage, Facts and Trends

WhatsApp Statistics & Usage

WhatsApp is the most used social media and instant messaging platform in Hong Kong. This article will list the 2022 latest statistics on WhatsApp in detail so that you can learn more about WhatsApp. Enterprises can also learn users’ usage habits from these stats and formulate better customer communication plans.

Digital 2022: Global Overview Report, jointly launched by DataReportal, We Are Social and Hootsuite, was released in January. This is a report on the global digitalization situation in 2021, including detailed stats, trends, and insights. Through this report, you can understand the internet usage and growth trends in 2022, and also discover the characteristics of global digital behavior. 

As the most used instant messaging software in the world, more information about WhatsApp can also be shown in this report. At the same time, we will also combine more data resources to provide readers with more comprehensive WhatsApp statistics.

WhatsApp Introduction

Launch DateFebruary 24, 2009
FoundersBrian Acton (left September 2017), Jan Koum (left April 2018)
OwnerMeta Platforms
Date of AcquisitionFebruary 19, 2014
WhatsApp CEOWill Cathcart
HeadquarterMenlo Park, California, United States

WhatsApp Usage Statistics

In this section, we can see the WhatsApp stats in terms of users, countries, messages, downloads, and usage time, etc.

WhatsApp reaches 2 billion monthly active users worldwide

The current global population has exceeded 7.9 billion, and the monthly active users of WhatsApp are 2 billion, which is already a quarter of the world’s population. If we use the number of global Internet users 4.95 billion as the base, then 40% of global Internet users are WhatsApp active users.


WhatsApp can send 100 billion messages a day

WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart said WhatsApp was able to deliver 100 billion messages per day on his personal Twitter in 2020. It means each active user would send about 50 WhatsApp messages per day.


WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger in the world

According to the DataReportal report, the top three most used social platforms in the world are Facebook (2.9 billion), YouTube (2.5 billion), and WhatsApp (2 billion). But all three platforms are different types of social software: Facebook is social media, YouTube is a video-sharing platform, and WhatsApp is an instant messenger. Therefore, in terms of instant messaging, WhatsApp is the most used communication software in the world.


WhatsApp is used in over 180 countries

According to information provided by WhatsApp, out of 195 countries in the world, Internet users in 180 countries are using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users by country

The number of WhatsApp users differs in those 180 countries. The table below lists the countries with the most active WhatsApp users.

Country / RegionNumber of WhatsApp Users
India390 million
Brazil108 million
United States75 million
Indonesia68 million
Russia64 million
Mexico62 million
Germany48 million
Italy35 million
Spain33 million
United Kingdom30 million

Source: eMarketer

The average monthly usage of WhatsApp is 18.6 hours

Among all the instant messaging apps, WhatsApp’s Android user usage is 18.6 hours per month, which is about 36 minutes per day.


WhatsApp Gender Demographics

45.8% of WhatsApp’s global active users are women, and 54.2% are men.


WhatsApp has surpassed 5 billion total downloads

According to The Times of India, the total number of downloads of the WhatsApp App has exceeded 5 billion in 2020.

WhatsApp Business Statistics

In this section, we can see the stats about WhatsApp Business, a commercial instant messaging software.

WhatsApp Business has more than 50 million monthly active users worldwide

According to Facebook report 2020, the WhatsApp 商業 app has surpassed 50 million monthly active users. Tech Crunch noted that the two countries that primarily use WhatsApp business accounts are India (15 million) and Brazil (5 million).

Around 175 million global users send messages to WhatsApp Business accounts every day

WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart mentioned in 2021 that about 175 million users send messages to WhatsApp business accounts every day. The customer service messages of business accounts are more than what you expected.


WhatsApp Business API messages have a 99% open rate

According to Telemedia, messages sent by businesses through the WhatsApp Business API have a 99% open rate compared to the open rates of email. Also, the customer response rates of WhatsApp Business API are over 40%.

WhatsApp Revenue

Since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, the specific WhatsApp revenue is no longer disclosed. So the revenue reported is mostly an estimated number.

According to the Forbes news report, WhatsApp’s revenue exceeded 5.5 billion US dollars in 2020. So by 2022, WhatsApp’s revenue must be even more impressive.

WhatsApp Statistics Summary

The above article summarises the key WhatsApp statistics for enterprises. You should have a better understanding of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps. Enterprises should become easier to decide if WhatsApp is a good fit for your company. 

Since the usage of WhatsApp covers 180 countries, multinational companies can consider using WhatsApp as the main customer service channel. If the company has a large number of customer-facing staff who need to log in to WhatsApp simultaneously to handle customer service inquiries, then the company must use the WhatsApp Business API account.

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