Team Inbox

Handling customer messages with your team shouldn’t be this hard

Collaborate on customer communication to deliver an outstanding experience

Seamlessly involve colleagues and assign conversations easily. Level-up communication and transfer conversations flawlessly to direct customers to the right expert to answer the question. Reduce messages and emails by 69% with an organized, systematic way of addressing customer requests and generating leads.

Chat internally with each other

@Mention your teammates to save internal comments in the thread for later. Edit message drafts together to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth before you send. Collaborate on customer requests and address issues and queries lightning-fast.

Centralize communication in one place — your inbox

Assign conversations for clear accountability, and quickly coordinate with internal comments. Your team handles everything in one place to keep work organized and customers happy. Happy customers are loyal customers.

Deliver the best engagement experience billions of customers prefer.

imBee provides a Software As a Service (SaaS) platform that enables customer engagement on Instant Messengers. Leads generation, sales boost and customer service excellence are made possible in one incredibly efficient product.

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