Build the Best Customer Relationship

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Grow on your CRM. imBee transforms one-off enquiries into consistent sales growth. 

Keep your team aligned in one place with Team Inbox.

Send personalised follow-ups and reminders with Scheduled Message.

Automate replies to repetitive queries from customers.

Get support from the right members based on skills, team roles and tags.

Generate customised invoice and link to payment seamlessly.

Check ticket situation and conduct performance appraisals.

Happy team, happy customers.

One central platform with best-in-class tools to communicate and increase sales on instant messaging apps.

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Trusted and Loved by Industry Professionals

33% faster responses, saved money by reducing hires.

Best customer experience ever using the software.

Consumer Marketing Manager


Shortened sales cycle by 25%.

Previously, we have to take care of customers from all different channels, now we only need to monitor one. This is such a powerful workflow!

Senior Marketing Manager


Reduced errors in communication. 

We know more about our customers, especially our VIPs. Through better cooperation within our own team and utilisation of tools on imBee, we are much closer to our target audience.

Senior Customer Service Manager