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Key to productivity optimisation and digital transformation.

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Apply tags when keywords are detected

Set triggers and tags in advance. Once the pre-set strings are sensed, the system will apply tags for you automatically.

Assign tickets to team members

Mechanism helps you distribute the conversations based on teammates’ skills, team roles and tags. Without having to refer the customers from one PIC to another.


Send out follow-up messages

30% of sales is lost when teams fail to check on the customers. imBee can notify you when your customers forget to check out their orders.


Add to the subscription list

Firms have 100,000+ contacts on average. We help you put customers on the right list based on their previous engagement and purchasing records.

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Effective! We have significantly reduced our response time by more than 20%, and with its invoicing features, we can receive payment directly through chats. Unbelievable.


imBee team has the best customer service i’ve ever seen in 15 years.

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Previously, we handled customer inquiries from multiple instant messaging channels. Now everything is centralized and workflow is streamlined. Effective, efficient, and powerful.

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