Chatbot & Scheduled Messages

Qualify leads that grow your pipeline and speed up customer resolutions.

Automatically send scheduled personalized messages and reminders

Leave no customer behind. Attract prospects and engage loyal followers with regular engaging messages that direct to your customers. imBee lets you schedule in advance so you save heaps of time and improve efficiency.

Automate repetitive queries that are intent-driven

Answering customer queries is part and parcel of a successful customer relationship. imBee helps address inquiries – no matter how repetitive – more efficiently. Intent-driven canned responses can save your team lots of time.

Offer 24/7 support, transfer routine tasks to a bot

Good customer experience can lead to great things: wider reach, more sales and higher profits – happy customers. With an AI bot, queries can be answered immediately, or forwarded to the right person. It’s really 24/7.

Deliver the best engagement experience billions of customers prefer.

imBee provides a Software As a Service (SaaS) platform that enables customer engagement on Instant Messengers. Leads generation, sales boost and customer service excellence are made possible in one incredibly efficient product.

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